Steps To Protect Your Hearing

The ability to hear is one most of us take for granted. As kids we might go and scream into our siblings ears, listen to loud music or go to a rock concert and even toss fire crackers close to people so their ears begin to ring. What many of us don’t realize that every time we do something like this, we can cause some serious damage to our ears and hearing. When we get older, we may need to wear devices to correct some of this damage. To understand how these actions we take can be harmful, has given us these tips and tricks to improve our hearing.

#1. Turn down the volume of your MP3 player: If you are listening to music on your MP3 player, iPod or any other device, make sure you don’t turn up the volume too high. You want to hear what is going on around you and if you cannot hear anything else than it may be a good time to take a break and give your ears a rest.

#2. Keep your headphones clean: Your ear buds or earphones need to be kept clean. Make sure they are washed on a regular basis and not shared with anyone; this can cause hearing problems for people who have had ear infections as well.

#3. Don’t put foreign objects into your ears. Sounds funny right, but earwax is there for a reason it helps protect your hearing. It can build up leading to blockages in the ear canal and this can cause some hearing loss. Be sure to stay away from cotton swabs or any other things that are not made by doctors really stick to the inside of your ears.

#4. Get regular hearing tests and checkups. Your doctor can check your hearing and see how it is coming along. If you have noticed some tingling in the ear, buzzing or muffled sounds then you may want to go get a physical evaluation done.

#5. Smoking: When we inhale smoke, we are introducing foreign particles into our system that should not be there. Any changes to our bodies that are not natural can adversely affect our hearing as well as other functions of our bodies.