sedation mri in New Jersey

How to Calm Your Nerves and Still Your Mind in Preparation for an MRI

MRIs, or Magnetic Resonance Imagings, are machines that send magnetic waves in pulses throughout your body to diagnose conditions, illnesses, and diseases. It’s a noninvasive, painless process, but the MRI machine can be overwhelming for some people because it’s loud and partially enclosed.

Find the thought of an MRI scary? Read on for methods to calm your nerves and still your mind in preparation for the procedure. Just bear in mind that it’s noninvasive, painless, and helpful.

Meditate Every Day Before Your Procedure

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and your body in a relaxed state. Think about the impending MRI and let your apprehension wash over you. Take it in stride. Don’t stress or panic but acknowledge your fear or apprehension. Then begin to dismantle it. Clear your mind of negative thoughts and keep your breathing even. Then open your eyes to a more peaceful attitude.

Opt for Hospital Medication to Ease Your Nerves

A sedation mri in New Jersey involves a light sedative to calm your nerves and ease your mind. This is also a great option for patients with discomfort from remaining in one, still position for too long.

Sing a Song in Your Head to Distract Yourself

This is a classic method for dealing with fear and it works well with MRIs because you can be still and sing in your head. Pick a song you love and go over the lyrics and verses. You could have an entire playlist in your head of go-to music, but it probably won’t take long enough for you to go over an entire album.

sedation mri in New Jersey

MRIs are nothing to be scared of or concerned about but calming your nerves and stilling your mind is important to a successful procedure. Above everything else, remember to breathe, don’t panic, and let the medical professionals know if something is too much for you.