Month: August 2021

Steps To Protect Your Hearing

The ability to hear is one most of us take for granted. As kids we might go and scream into our siblings ears, listen to loud music or go to a rock concert and even toss fire crackers close to people so their ears begin to ring. What many of us don’t realize that every time we do something like this, we can cause some serious damage to our ears and hearing. When we get older, we may need to wear devices to correct some of this damage. To understand how these actions we take can be harmful, has given us these tips and tricks to improve our hearing.

#1. Turn down the volume of your MP3 player: If you are listening to music on your MP3 player, iPod or any other device, make sure you don’t turn up the volume too high. You want to hear what is going on around you and if you cannot hear anything else than it may be a good time to take a break and give your ears a rest.

#2. Keep your headphones clean: Your ear buds or earphones need to be kept clean. Make sure they are washed on a regular basis and not shared with anyone; this can cause hearing problems for people who have had ear infections as well.

#3. Don’t put foreign objects into your ears. Sounds funny right, but earwax is there for a reason it helps protect your hearing. It can build up leading to blockages in the ear canal and this can cause some hearing loss. Be sure to stay away from cotton swabs or any other things that are not made by doctors really stick to the inside of your ears.

#4. Get regular hearing tests and checkups. Your doctor can check your hearing and see how it is coming along. If you have noticed some tingling in the ear, buzzing or muffled sounds then you may want to go get a physical evaluation done.

#5. Smoking: When we inhale smoke, we are introducing foreign particles into our system that should not be there. Any changes to our bodies that are not natural can adversely affect our hearing as well as other functions of our bodies.

getting rid of cellulite

Ridding Yourself Of Cellulite

getting rid of cellulite

Cellulite. No-one likes it. Especially not women, given that this is something that affects them the most. It is what happens to them when they age naturally. It is also what happens to them when they put on weight, especially if this is because they have done so unnaturally and unhealthily. Speaking of which, women who continue to be saddled with this type of physiological problem should perhaps seriously consider getting rid of cellulite in the most natural and healthy ways possible.

It turns out that these methods are by far more effective.

If drastic measures are required, they could adopt clinical measures that make use of science and technology. But such measures should be devoid of harmful chemicals, pose no dangers to both the patient’s body and to the environment, and of course, always be guided under strict medical supervision. Just like bariatric surgical procedures, such cellulite removal could be regarded as a movement of last resort. That is to say that all other organic measures, both clinical and non-clinical measures as well, have been exhausted and deemed to be redundant.

These measures are no longer workable, over trial periods of time. But like weight loss around the abdomen area (specifically for men) and weight loss around the hips (specifically for women), cellulite reduction (mainly for women) can occur quite successfully but gradually over time. Patience is required to see this miracle of nature in action Slim and firm hips and thighs in a matter of months. But it remains a matter of discipline.

Breaking old habits that led to the cellulite excess in the first place is not easy. Switching mind and ears off of false fallacies and false promises are not easy either, particularly when heart and mind are desperate. 

vaping benefits

How To Stop Smoking

Are you ready to stop smoking but find it much more difficult than you imagined? Kicking the habit is not easy for most people but not impossible. Some people go cold turkey and stop smoking altogether while others need a bit more help. Luckily, there are many ways to increase the chances of success when you want to stop smoking. Take a look at some of the best ways to stop smoking and get the most of your life.

vaping benefits

Try Vaping

Many cigarette smokers temporarily switch to vaping when they want to kick the habit. It can work for you as well. While it is not 100% safe, vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes and has other benefits as well. Among the best vaping benefits are the exclusion of tar and nicotine.

Behavioral Therapy

Another beneficial way to reduce those cravings and ensure you succeed in kicking the habit is with help from a behavioral therapist. You can retrain your brain when you take advantage of behavioral therapy.

Patches & Gums & Pills

Along with vaping, patches, gums, and pills are available to help people stop smoking. Cost of these items varies, as do their effectiveness. However many people have successfully kicked the habit with help from these products.

Know Your Triggers

Write a list of things that trigger you- or cause you to want to smoke a cigarette. Make sure to find ways to avoid those triggers which can significantly help reduce the urge to smoke and the number of cigarettes you smoke each day.


Support from loved ones -friends and family- make all the difference in the world when you want to stop smoking. You can also support yourself in the journey to stop smoking by journaling, writing, and finding hobbies.

minority teacher recruitment

Recruiting Great Teachers

In an ideal world, every classroom would be led by a top-notch teacher. But with school districts across the country struggling with minority teacher recruitment and teacher searches, many are now turning to alternative certification routes.

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards recently released numbers showing that since its certification program was launched in 2000, nearly 68,000 individuals have enrolled and completed it. But district leaders may not realize that when they’re looking for a shortcut to recruiting new teachers, they’re not really saving money. The math doesn’t work out.

In fact, the opportunity cost of forgoing a more rigorous process of searching far and wide for top talent may end up costing school districts thousands of dollars wasted on inferior results in candidates who do not have the right skills to succeed as classroom leaders. A growing body of research points to the importance of good teachers in improving student performance. But many districts are failing to think critically about what it takes, and how much it costs, to find them.

minority teacher recruitment

The standard hiring process is based on three factors: applicants’ resumes, their interviews and review of their transcripts. This process has some strengths, such as providing a way to eliminate candidates for being unqualified or unsuitable. But when school districts are rushing to get teachers in the classroom quickly, this hiring process inevitably leaves good applicants on the table.

For example, a recent study found that teachers with master’s degrees have a positive impact on student achievement and retention. Indeed, universities’ graduate programs have become highly selective in their admissions. And the same type of skills that make an applicant a good candidate for a university’s teacher education program — strong academic preparation, perseverance, and commitment to teaching — can be found during the job search via techniques such as recruiters’ screening calls before candidates even apply.

Law Offices of Edward J. Singer

Finding a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a work accident, the most important thing in your life at that point is likely getting well. However, the insurance company for the party that caused your injuries will be trying to decrease their liability by denying or downplaying your losses and attempting to place blame on you for various things relating to the situation. For this reason, it is important to contact a worker’s compensation attorney from a firm like the Law Offices of Edward J. Singer right away.

The thing that you need to understand about workers’ compensation law is that while it guarantees certain benefits to your family, especially if you are injured or killed on the job, this bill was passed by the companies and politicians as an alternative to regular lawsuit for personal injury protection.

This means that while you will qualify for a number of benefits, including compensation for your lost wages, medical treatment and rehabilitation, vocational services to help you get back to gainful employment as well as disability payments if necessary or a lump sum death benefit if one of these other forms of payment is not adequate.

Law Offices of Edward J. Singer

The state agency that has the oversight responsibility for the worker’s compensation program is called (in most states) The Workers Compensation Commission or WCC. In some states, they are referred to as the State Insurance Fund or SIF. These groups employ an army of agents and administrators at Worker’s Comp offices throughout the state.

Even if lawyers will not give a quote over the phone, they should be glad to talk to you and answer any questions that you have about their approach to workers’ compensation law. If you find the right lawyer for your purposes, you have a better chance of winning your case and getting the help you need.